About the International e-Conference
With the evolution of technology taking place constantly, there has been an evolution in the network of physical objects which has resulted in the idea of the ‘Internet of Things’. The two-decades-old concept, in the era of information and globalization, has gained immense potential of hampering privacy and security. However, at the same time, it has garnered the interest of consumers by being an efficient means of powering electronic ecosystems.

About the Centre for Information, Communication and Technology Law
Bearing in mind that the significance of such a concept often remains under-emphasized, the Centre for Information, Communication and Technology Law, MNLU Mumbai has organized an international conference with robust educational content with the aim of engaging in the sharing of knowledge and discussions on current issues and building relations between academicians and professionals engaged in the subject.

The Centre for Information, Communication and Technology Law (“CICTL”) aims to be a Centre for excellence in generating and disseminating the knowledge concerning the interrelationship between technology and law across the globe. It aims to fulfill the objectives: to explore the opportunities and challenges in the information society and provide legal and policy solutions; to serve as a platform to bring together experts, leaders and researchers from the technical and legal domain; to undertake, promote and disseminate core law and policy research in the techno-legal field; to work in collaboration with national and international research centres, global academia, international, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the tech industry; to offer consultancy services to a variety of sectors including the legal professionals, private industry, non-profit and public agencies in the techno-legal field.

The themes and sub-themes of the conference were as follows:

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Role of Cyber Law in e-Governance and smart cities
  • Big Data and Privacy Protection Measures
    Artificial Intelligence and its Legal Issues
  • Internet of Things in Healthcare Industry: Scope of Telemedicine Law
  • Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity and Internet of Things
  • The Future of Internet of Things: Leveraging the Shift to a Data Centric World
  • Impact of Technology on Legal Education and Profession
  • 5G technology
  • Deepfakes and Internet of Things
  • Distributed ledger technology for Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things and Ethical issues
  • Internet of Things product safety and liability
  • Autonomous transportation
  • Agriculture and technology
  • Machine learning
  • Privacy and disruptive technology

6th March, 2021

The Inaugural of the virtual two-day event was held on Saturday, 6th March 2021, the Day 1 of the conference. It opened with a welcome address from Professor Dr. Anil Variath (Registrar of MNLU Mumbai). The keynote address was delivered by Professor Dr. Dilip Ukey Vice chancellor Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai. Adv. Pavan Duggal graced the Conference as a Special Guest.

Session I – World of IOT – Mr. Bhupesh Daheria, CEO, Aegis School of Data Science
Session II – GDPR and IOT- Prof. Dr. Holger Sutschet, Hochschule Osnabrück
Session III – Vehicle Automation and Data Protection – The European and German Approach- Prof. Dr. Clemens Arzt, Professor of Public Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law
Session IV – IOT and Investigative Challenges- Dr. Balsingh Rajput, DCP Maharashtra Cyber and Prevention
The day 1 concluded with a set of paper presentation.

7th March, 2021

Session I – IOT, Crimes and Victims- Dr. Debarati Halder, Cyber Victim Counselor
Session II – Producer liability for IOT- Professor Stephanie Rohlfing-Dijoux, Université Paris Nanterre
Session III – IOT and Law in India- Dr. A. Nagarathna, Associate Professor of Law and Coordinator, Advanced Centre on Research, Development & Training in Cyber Law and Forensics, NLSIU Bangalore

The sessions were followed by another set of paper presentations. The valedictory function was addressed by the chief guests of the conference. The following teams emerged as the highest-scoring teams in the Paper Presentation Competition held during the ICT Conference on Internet of Things and Law, 2021:

  1. Best Presenter – Kasvi Thakkar, National Law School of India University- “Accountability in Algorithmic Decision-Making: Chasing a Regulatory Yardstick”.
  2. First Runner Up – Meeta Maheshwari and Nandini Garg, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi – “Telehealth in India – Overview against the background of existing global TeleHealth policy frameworks, concerns and changing healthcare scenario post covid19”.
  3. Second Runner Up – Sumana Roychowdhury, NMIMS School Of Law – “Of Prevention, Protection and Privacy: A Study of Human Rights Concerns in India’s Growing Surveillance State, with focus on its Predictive Policing Methods”.


The Centre Had Conducted An International Symposium In Collaboration With One Of The Most Prestigious French Universities, Paris Nanterre University, And Renowned German University, University Of Potsdam. The Conference Was To Assess The Challenges Posed By The Online Platforms In The Forms Of Cyber Offences, Competition Concerns, Privacy Issues, Threats To National Security, Etc.

The Speakers Were: – Louis-Charles Viossat (Former Social Adviser To Prime Minister Of France) – Stephanie Rohlfing (Professor, Paris Nanterre University) – Kerstin Peglow (Professor, Paris Nanterre University) – Regis Lanneau (Senior Lecturer, Paris Nanterre University) – Katharina De Resseguier (German Lawyer) – Arnaud See (Professor, University Of Potsdam) – Geraldine Demme (Lecturer, Paris Nanterre University)


The Centre had invited Kristi Harrington (Ret. Judge, South Carolina, Supreme Court) for a webinar session to scrutinize the apposite method of dispute resolution post pandemic crisis, from a judge’s perspective


The Centre had organized a one-day training program on electronic evidence to assess its legality and validity. The speakers were:
– Mr. S.V. Yarlagadda (Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy)
– Mr. Sanjay Tungar (Police Inspector, Centre for Police Research, Pune)
– Mr. Yagendra Yadav (Vice President, Lab Systems, Mumbai)
– Adv. (Dr.) Swapnil Bangali (Director, CICTL, MNLU Mumbai)
– Dr. Anand Raut (Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, CICTL)


This program was attended by students, researchers, advocates, and young cyber professionals. The speakers were:

– Adv. Prashant Mali (Founder & President, Cyber Law Consulting Advocates & Attorneys)

– Dr. Rakesh Goyal (MD SYSMAN Computers, Mumbai)

– Mr. Balsing Rajput (IPS, SP, Cyber Cell, Mumbai)

– Mr. Vaibhav Sakhare (Senior Digital Forensic Analyst, Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai)

– Dr. Anand Raut (Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, CICTL, MNLU Mumbai)


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